Preventative Dentistry

Dental Arts of the Oaks

Dr. Alex Bierman at Dental Arts of the Oaks encourages patients to stay on top of their oral health with regular dental appointments. Come see us in Thousand Oaks, CA twice a year for a cleaning and exam.

General dentistry focuses on preventative services like cleanings and exams. Your oral health affects your overall health, and keeping up with regular dental appointments not only prevents gum disease and tooth decay but can also keep you from needing more dental procedures.

At a regular cleaning appointment, your dentist removes sticky plaque and tartar, which is formed when plaque hardens on the teeth and can’t be brushed away. Having plaque and tartar removed regularly decreases your chance of developing gum disease. Along with your cleaning, the dentist performs an exam, which may include x-rays.

The goal of preventative dentistry is to help you before you need restoration. Your general dentist in Thousand Oaks, CA, Dental Arts of the Oaks, can also help you with minor restorative procedures like fillings for cavities. With regular cleaning appointments and exams, your dentist will find signs of tooth decay when a tooth can still be saved with a filling, preventing root canals.

As part of a preventative care plan, your dentist can advise you on how to change your routine based on their exam. If you’re missing an area while brushing or if they see an area to be concerned about they’ll instruct you on a better routine. Follow these customized instructions for your best oral health.

Besides keeping regular dental appointments, it’s important to stick to an oral care routine at home. The most common mistake people make at home is not brushing long enough. Brush for two minutes twice a day and floss at least once a day. Be mindful of how much you are consuming acidic and sugary foods, as these can contribute to gum disease.

Visiting the dentist at least twice a year and keeping up with your at-home cleaning routine will preserve your oral health, and prevent you from needing serious dental procedures.

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